About Deaf Culture

Deaf Culture
Some important things that You should know about Deaf people.

1 ) Deaf want you to talk directly to them even when you are using the interpreter. The Interpreter is just a means for communication between you and the Deaf person. Never talk to the Interpreter directly when you are talking with the Deaf person.

2 ) Eye contact is very important to a Deaf person. Just like when you are having a conversation with another Hearing person. Eye contact makes the Deaf person know you are paying attention to them.

3 ) Treat them with respect. Deaf are just like you they don’t have a disease they just can’t hear. They deserve the same respect you would give a Hearing person.

4 ) Don’t ignore them. Deaf have feelings just like you and me. They don’t like being ignored or left alone too long just because you can’t communicate with them.

5 ) Deaf can tend to be blunt . Just be patient with them.

6 ) Some Deaf also tend to take things literally. You need to make sure you explain what you are saying clearly. This is best done with an American Sign Language Interpreter. This is the best effective way to make sure that your conversation with this Deaf person is not misunderstood.

7 ) Deaf are very social. They keep each other informed about the events that are happening.